Top 4 benefits of a business cloud adoption from real SME owners

We at Cloud Made Simple know the benefits of cloud computing and what it can do for businesses of all sizes, but don’t just take our word for it. We asked SME owners who have recently adopted a business cloud solution, what benefits they are receiving since they made the switch.

Let’s break these benefits down:

1. Mobility:
Caroline Bywater explains how the cloud has helped her be more mobile with her business.
“Having all my systems cloud based allows me to work from anywhere, answer and help staff when I’m not at the shop and do all my admin on the go or from home. I can check sales in real time at all stores, find prices and answers for customers on social media any time of day. I couldn’t do half the work I do and be a small business owner away from the shop without cloud based systems.”

Caroline Bywater
Lavish Abode

A cloud adoption can enhance a retail store by assisting the business advancement into an online space with ease and allows for employees to communicate more easily on the go. The cloud can help to streamline standard retail business practices and make it easier for owners to keep up-to-date on sales at any time.

2. Propelling growth:
Rafik Wahba saw major growth developments after cloud adoption within his business.
“Adopting cloud into my business has given it the agility to propel from a “garage business” to a professional presence in my community. All without the headache of management or high cost of assets and supporting them.”

Rafik Wahba

By introducing your business to the cloud, unexpected growth is not an issue. Cloud systems grow with your business, reducing the stress that comes with unpredicted business growth spurts. Older technology may not be able to keep up with the management issues that come with business growth, resulting in missed business opportunities.

3. Reducing admin:
Genevieve is all about reducing the amount of time dedicated to admin within her business and cloud adoption has definitely provided this.
“LESS ADMIN! My personal crusade for my business is to #BanAdmin.

We automate our accounting solutions in the cloud with anytime, anywhere, any device access. Going as far as integrated tools enable us to be entry-less and paperless, without being a slave to any functionality. Never had this much data in my business with the least amount of admin work.”

Genevieve Sutherland
Director and Founder
Expert Cloud Accounts

A cloud solution for business has the ability to automate processes saving time instantly and subsequently reducing costs. All of this extra time can now be spent on the more important things in your business.

4. Global capabilities:
Ace Mamun has experienced extreme amounts of business growth since his days as a start-up. The cloud solution he chose has grown with his business. This aspect of cloud adoption was especially helpful in international business opportunities for him and his team.

“We started quite small. Cloud adoption has allowed us to remotely work with our media and ambassador teams across five continents, seamlessly. This has allowed us to grow exponentially, and globally.”

Ace Mamun
The Socialites/ The Plus Ones

More and more businesses are choosing to expand and operate on a global scale. Cloud computing can help even the smallest of businesses achieve this, opening them up to new markets and giving them the ability to operate across multiple time zones with complete ease.

Each of these organisations are very different- different in size, different in professional field and yet they have all experienced benefits since their cloud adoption. It is clear to see that no business is too small in today’s ever-changing digital landscape for a business cloud adoption. The cloud can help keep your business on the pathway to success.

Have you experienced any cloud business benefits not mentioned? Let us know:

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