File Storage + Management

Simple Cloud Storage

You need access to your files from anywhere with ample space to store them. Our solution: SharePoint.

With SharePoint, your files are stored in the cloud, easily available to everyone who has access. You’ll also have as much space as you need with the ability to scale your data allotment quickly.

File Management

Managing files in SharePoint is a piece of cake. Anything stored in SharePoint can be organised just as it was on your server, but with SharePoint, you can:

Work on documents in real-time with others
Share files easily inside and outside your organisation with specific file permissions
Always have the latest version of files

File Migration

Moving all of your files to the cloud doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team of experts will help your company migrate from on-premise to SharePoint and Office 365.

Consolidate and organise your files
Keep the integrity of your documents by preserving the created by, modified by and timestamps
Migrate an unlimited amount of data

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